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Types of accidents involving motor vehicles:

Rear-end Collisions
A rear-end collision is basically when one vehicle hits another from behind. The most common example of this is when a person slows down and the driver behind him is not paying attention and slams into the rear of his vehicle. Whiplash is a common injury of this type of accident.

Head-on Collisions
Head-on collisions occur when two vehicles driving in the opposite directions crash into each other head on. Head-on collisions almost always involve serious injury, often death.

Side-impact collisions
Side-impact collisions occur when one vehicle hits another vehicle in the side. They are almost always serious and often result in fatal accidents. Side-impact collisions often occur at intersections and cross streets. They are also called T-bones.

Multi-car Collisions
Multi-car collisions usually begin with two cars, but result in a several more cars becoming involved. Often these happen when weather conditions are bad. Two cars will get in an accident and other cars are unable to stop in time, causing a chain event of multiple cars crashing into one another.

Single-auto Accidents
Single-auto accidents involve rollover and hitting something other than another vehicle, such as a telephone pole, a person or other object. These types of accidents can be caused by numerous factors including faulty or defective vehicle or distracted driving.

Aside from automobile accidents while driving, there are several other dangers cars pose to children. Every year, 38 children die due to heatstroke from being trapped inside a hot car. Another vehicle safety concern is what is called “backover injuries.” Children are injured or killed every year by being backed over, often in their own driveway and by a relative. These types of accidents are usually from a larger vehicle, such as an SUV, van or pickup truck. There are horror stories of parents or caregivers being distracted and overlooking a sleeping baby in the car that can result in injury or death. Power windows are another danger. Becoming trapped in the trunk of a car is not the danger that it used to be as all vehicles are not required to have an internal trunk release mechanism. Lesser known injuries include seatbelt strangulations, carbon monoxide poisoning, falls inside a car and car theft with the child inside the vehicle.


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